National Toothache Day on February 9th is a not so subtle reminder of the importance of dental care. Also known as odontalgia, a toothache is pain generating from a tooth or multiple teeth. 

A toothache can make us miserable, making it difficult to eat, sleep, or sometimes even talk. It’s safe to say, toothaches are never pleasant and not really something to celebrate.

We can, however, be aware of how to prevent toothaches.

Routine dental care is an essential first step. Avoiding sugary foods and acidic drinks and daily brushing and flossing are important, too. Even so, we can still develop cavities, have accidents that break or chip at a tooth, or find ourselves with an infection. Teeth can also become sensitive to heat or cold.

Treating a toothache in the short term may be simply handled by over-the-counter treatments, but seeing a dentist may still be required to resolve the issue. Some toothaches are so severe as to require emergency intervention, thus treating the early signs of a mild toothache is important.


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