Always observed on March 2nd, National Old Stuff Day gives notice to all that old stuff and encourages you to try something new. Well, maybe not ALL the old stuff, but some of it. It’s a day to break out of the old routines and experience new ones.

We have all heard the saying, “same old, same old.” Well, this is the day to do things differently. There is no limit to how you can change up your day. Take a moment to recognize the things that you do each day. Is there a better, more efficient way? Examine the route you take to work. Evaluate how you fold laundry. Perhaps there’s an improved way of cleaning windows. 

Maybe it’s just a way to brighten your day or someone else’s day. Whatever it is, strive to make the day new, not the same old day it was yesterday.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalOldStuffDay

Approach the day with a new attitude. Consider alternatives to each of the choices you make each day.  Is there a better or equal alternative?  Try making a new choice when available.  

Some other suggestions for ridding yourself of some old stuff and ways include:

  • use an old item for a new use
  • look at things from a new perspective
  • throw out all you know about something and relearn it all anew
  • take something old and freshen it up – clean it, paint it, fix it, give it a hair cut
  • order a small instead of a large

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